If you would like to get to know Jesus, & yourself better…

Then Take the next 40 days & immerse yourself in God, & all things good, & nothing else. This is critically important. This is where Jesus & you together are going to build a solid foundation for you and your life.

For just the next 40 days, I want you to be relaxed, present, focused and aware. ( If your not, you will miss everything ) I want you to get rid of any thing that is mind altering. Coffee, cigarettes, weed, alcohol, drugs etc. During this time I would also like you to eat healthier, and drink plenty of water. After the 40 days, if you want to continue with any of them it is your choice, but hopefully now you have control over them, not vica-versa. Pray, communicate with God, go to church often, ( or watch it on t.v. ) listen to good Christian music, be creative, & listen for God. This should keep you busy for awhile, May God Bless you on your journey to a better you, & a better life.

After this has been completed, Jesus and you have to get you right before we go any further! 😇 .

If you would like to continue this journey with God, then say this prayer.

Heavenly Father i come to you through Jesus Christ, and I ask you to come into my life and I allow you to make me whole & Holy again.  I am sorry for my sins, & wrong doings, & I sincerely want to do better.  Amen.

Aren’t you feeling better already!  I hope so.

This is just the beginning of allowing Jesus to come into your life . to receive Him into your heart beautifully.  May God bless you with all of His love, all of His peace, all of His joy and laughter.

If you have accepted Jesus into your heart then you are wonderfully and majestically saved.  Go to a church of your choice and be baptized in water, as a symbol of your rebirth, now with Jesus.

All God asks of you now is to try to love God, yourself and others.  Get to know who He is. Get to know yourself. Get to know others.  With all 3 try to sincerely connect.

Remembering to relax, be present, be focused, & be aware.

Knowing that everything is going to be okay.    Believe.

How do you love people?

Start with who or what is right in front of you.  Start treating them better, try to talk less & listen more.

Find out what makes them happy, & what could really help.  When you can do this, then expand this to yourself, friends, neighbors, community, & God.  Giving and receiving.  Now go and love yourself, God & others.

When you turn back to God, they have a big celebration in your honor, because thier beautiful son or daughter is coming back home again and they are all sooo happy.


The Holy Spirit

Although Jesus is wonderful, He doesn’t stay. He comes and checks up on us, sees what we need and leaves. He’s my favorite visitor! But the Holy Spirit stays with you always. He is your personal guarantee that you are truly saved by Jesus & all that He has done for us. He is the Ark of the covenant, God’s Holy Spirit sealed within you. Hes your direct line to God, & God’s direct line to you. At any given moment you could access our Heavenly Father! Jesus! And even when you don’t know what to say, He does. He’s not chatty, ( but none of them are ) but He does talk. He has many functions, much more than I have mentioned here, but for now, lastly He is a divinely important part of the Holy Trinity.

Our Jesus Christ

Now that we have a better perspective on who our Heavenly Father is, I would like us to get to know who Jesus is.  Well our Heavenly Father was His Teacher, that should speak volumes! Since Jesus was a good listener, He learned all that our Heavenly Father taught Him.  In Heaven Jesus was one of the first Sons of God. The one God prepared for what He would accomplish on Earth!  He came for many reasons, to show us how to live our lives, how to treat ourselves, God, others, the true Gospel, where we are from, where we are going, what we are capable of doing, and of course the big one: To take away the sins of the world once and for all, so that we could be made righteous, & reconciled (return) to God again.

But….who was Jesus as a person? Let’s explore that together.

I think it will help us to better understand Jesus, if we know who His family was on Earth, & how they helped shape His life as well.

Mary’s parents were Eli,(a Holy priest)& Anna (a Holy prophetess) Her Grandfather was Phanuel (an ArchAngel). Unfortunately we don’t know much more.

Joseph’s parents were Jacob and Rachel & they had 12 children altogether. They are the 12 tribes of Israel in the old testament.  Although He eventually was the head of His own tribe, ( the tribe of Joseph) His family was from the tribe of Judah.

Jesus had 4 brothers, James, Judas, Simon, & Joseph.  He also had sisters. Although they are not clear on who the 2 sisters were it is my opinion from many years of studies, that their names were Susanna, & Joanna.  They were 7 in all.

Jesus was first a good son & brother who later in His early teens went to the Jewish Temple almost daily.  He studied the Word of God ( The Torah and The Old Testament )

He worked alongside His Dad who taught Him carpentry, & He later became a Holy Jewish Priest, Rabbi.  He learned the word & will of God so well that He became the greatest influential speaker of all time.  He was hardworking, charming & well liked, He lived simply, non judgemental, goodlooking, a fair, honest, good man.  Jesus did not come into the world to condem it but to save it. ( John 3:17 ) He went about doing good, healing the sick, mentoring people & His Disciples, raising the dead, & preaching to vast crowds of people pretty much daily. Later when the crowds went home, He would go somewhere private,  pray, & communicate with God.



Holy Vessels

That being said, I want you to know that even though our Heavenly Father is the most wonderful, He is neither stupid, or a doormat. He works up there tiressly for our benefit.  In the Heavenly realm He works through His Angels, the Holy Spirit, and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.  They are His Holy Vessels.  On earth, Jesus and the Holy Spirit work through us- we are their Holy Vessels.

Our physical bodies are our Holy Vessels.

Our Heavenly Father

First lets get to know who our Heavenly Father is.  Who we come from .  Our Heavenly Father is this big beautiful, big hearted, magnificently wonderful most high God.  He is the strongest, the smartest, the most powerful, best God in the entire galactic Galaxy.  This is our Dad, our Father.  You could say Santa Claus was created in His image.  They are for sure very similar!  ( except God gives always to all children ) We come from an incredible Father, and someday we too will be incredible.

He loves us very, very much.  And He wants the very best for us yesterday, today and tomorrow.  His plan from the beginning was to raise good, intelligent well rounded, srong, complete-(whole) God’s. We are going to be holy, sufficient and lacking in nothing.  Full of the love, power, knowledge, strength ability and goodness of God.  Powerful -Good God’s!  Everything He does is for our betterment.  He’s already there, He’s already ran His obstacle course.   He’s trying to help us get back there ( home) as painless as possible, with the shortest route.




About the author

I have had many experiences with our Heavenly Father, Jesus, Moses, The Holy Spirit, and the Angels .I haven’t had as many, but I’ve had a handful of experiences with our   Heavenly Mother.  It has been my sincere Honor, privilege and joy to have been apart of such goodness. ♥️.  I love what they have shown and taught me.  They have immeasrurably impacted and changed my life.  ( for the better, ✝️ forever ) It’s not that important who I was, or what I have done. However it is important to know I was a sinner, I have done many things wrong ( & occasionally still do ) & that I too was once the unknowing, the walking dead–the unsaved. It is what Jesus has done, and who He is that we the body of the Church need to know and follow.  Sooo, this is what this blog is all about.  Who God is, what is the grand plan, who we are and much more.  I pray God blesses & anoints my words to  impart upon you with His goodness & truth that will touch your mind, heart, body and spirit beautifully.  May God show you who He is and how very much He truely loves you. In Jesus Christ name, Amen

Signed with love, another Queen named Elizabeth