Today, a “Christian” Lady, who has 75,000 followers, who has been on my Facebook feed daily for months now, tried to SCAM me! We had even texted each other a few times… She seemed Nice enough, & I honestly didn’t think anything bad about her.

Early one morning, I had just got up & I checked on my Facebook. I had a d.m from her saying she & her company had chosen me to be their 1000 dollar Winner! I normally don’t fall for these scams, but I texted her back, & said, is this for real???? She said an emphatic yes! That I just needed to give her my info, & yes, credit card, & it would be on there in a half hour! I thought to myself, a Christian, a Lady I ‘know’ this has to be a Gift from God! Okay, you know the rest, I waited… & waited… I even called my card several times.

I tried reaching out to her for several hours. But zilch, no response. Okay now I’m getting worried. I called this particular card’s administration. I talked to a representative, & she informed me, that yes there was a money transaction that had tried to go through…. Only it wasn’t trying to give me money it was trying to take it! Well this particular card of mine I use, is a strictly load money on card…

Thank God, I did not give her my bank card! But I wondered how many people did? This story is for YOU. This was so believable, I had had interactions with her, she is a Christian, etc. There are many ways you can send money to someone. If someone or a company has chosen you to win money, they can send it to a loadable card, like PayPal, Western Union, or Mail it to You! NEVER NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR BANK CARD! If that’s what they want… Then its a Scam.

The Lady in this story finally reached out to me. She swore it was not her…. But she tripped herself up when she said something they scamer had said as well, “send me a screen shot”…. I reported it, but they said since she didn’t get anything, no crime was committed… πŸ€”

Protect yourself, & no matter what they say, don’t give up your personal information.

All is well, Much Love & God Bless! πŸ’Œ



Grace is this Beautiful Favor God Gives to You for your life. It makes things easier & flowy. πŸ€—

Forgiveness…. You have a choice… God Honors it. πŸŒ€πŸ•Š

Do you want them to be brutally tortured, or put in a place where they learn to do better, & they will not be released until they do… πŸ’

Remembering you, I & all of us, have messed up badly…. If we weren’t given a chance… Where would we be….

Much Love to All of My Brothers & Sisters! Choose Wisely. πŸ˜ŠπŸ•Šβ­


Exactly what & who are they? This is the answer we all need to know. The definition for me that fits, is it’s a Container sealed with A Holy Spirit, & there are different kinds of Holy Spirits that visit & help us to succeed.

To better explain in Christianity, our Heavenly Father God, who rules the Galaxy/Heavens, works with & through the Angels Above, Jesus, & the Holy Spirit. (3) They are His Holy Vessels. Someday when your ready He will Work directly through & with you as well. (4) In the meantime…

Jesus is the God of Earth, All of Us, & this Universe. So He works with our Holy Spirit, & The Holy Spirit He has placed inside of each of His Saved People/Family, from here & around the World. The Holy Spirit & Us. (2)

Our physical Bodies, are our Holy Vessels WE work through. Our bodies are our first Kingdom, that we rule over, not the other way around! The Spirit needs to lead, not the body. We are to learn how to rule properly. What better way to learn then on oneself. (1)

These are The other Sacred Holy Vessels, A Mothers Womb, A Man’s Seeds of Life, The Arc of The Covenant, The Church, Others & Your Kids. Okay…..

Back to you! Since our bodies are our Holy Vessels, Our Heavenly Father & Jesus pour Their love & Everything we need directly inside of us. We first need to Receive from Them. Then next we need to pour into Ourselves Love, Compassion, knowledge, Patience, Respect, Discipline & Goodness. We will then be equipped to pour properly into Others. When I can’t figure out what to do in a situation or or with a person, I think what would I tell my Child? Or what would Jesus do… Since You are your first Kingdom/Queendom, There are several questions we need to ask ourselves. What kind of Person do I want to be, how do I want to rule over Myself, & what do I need, to grow up Beautifully, & to help me, to do a successful good job? What ever is the Answer to those questions. Then turn around & simply give that to yourself. πŸ’

Jesus has already won the Victory over LIFE, hell, Himself & death. FOLLOW Jesus’s footsteps, He shows us how every step of the way how to go from victim, to Victorious.

Your Holy Spirit, will eventually be poured into your Soul that is kept safe for you in Heaven, until the day you are finally ready. Take very good care of it. This is your Future You. Raise yourself up with all you will need to be the best being you can be! Put All of the Quality Good ingredients into your mixture of You. 😊 Just like you would your Home, be careful who you invite in, & into your life. Take your time, there is no rush. Our Heavenly Father gives each of us the same amount of time to learn. Walk through this life relaxed, laughing, learning, doing & enjoying the View, the whole way. & of course Trusting God. πŸ€—

This is the True Life. The Victory has already been Won. Reach out & grab the chord that Rings The Bell & take Your Place πŸ‘‘. Keep reaching for the stars… Its Where you have Always Wanted to Be.

I Hope the Word Holy Vessels means much more to you now.

Much Love, & God Bless. Your Sister in Christ, doing the same. 😊


I have to say, I am one of those creative people who thinks up stuff all the time. But that’s it! That’s as far as it goes, this idea will sit on my desk, doing nothing but gathering dust. This year I thought I would give them to you, & see what you can do instead. 😊

GIANT LEGOS — These are made to be durable enough to build actual stuff you can use. Your creative imagination is your only boundry. I’m thinking this could be a great tool for schools, & children in Hospitals. Gives them something productive to do, & then they can also use. Also: it could have a place at LegoLand. ⭐

THE FLORIST IDEA — You design the flowers into objects, to add a personal touch to any event. Instead of sending your Newly retired Dad a bouquet of flowers, why not send some flowers that are arranged into a design of a guy fishing off of a boat. For Superbowl, a 🏈 football created out of flowers, etc. For a Lady newly engaged, a ring or a wedding cake made up entirely of flowers. Bellissimo! The ideas are endless. πŸ’

CREATIVE CONSULTANT CO.– For Writers. If they think that you have a good story, they will invest their own people & time into it, to ensure its success. Edit, cover design, illustrations, contracts etc & Just like the lawyers, if you are successful, they take 25% & you get 75%. If your story is not successful, you owe them nothing. No harm no foul. πŸ“–

TO SAVE OUR RESTAURANT’S — I watched a Alfred Hitchcock movie the other night called, “2 Strangers on a Train” ( good movie ) but in this movie is a restaurant, that had individual small rooms/enclosed cubicles, with a front & back door. Inside was a nice table & chairs, a sink, cupboards, drawers, counter top, beautiful plants, pictures on the wall What a great idea, not just for smokers/non smokers, but for any virus, & over all privacy.

This last idea is to help our people & economy get back on top. We could use a data base to house peoples names, numbers, & their location. People who are or have been successful at business, & would like to mentor-teach & show another, just how its done. For free. If you would like to learn a specific knowledge, & or carreer, but don’t want to go into debt doing it, this is a great alternative. I call this leap frogging.🐸 what our economy needs more of, is people making $50,000 or better yearly, & we need more business owners. Money being consistently spent to keep our economy healthy & thriving. It’s a Win Win all the way around. The list of people wanting to teach should be diverse. From C.E.O.’S, Chef’s to Mom’s.

Christmas time is a time we give out Gifts to our loved ones & friends. Why not this year, we give out the very best of gifts, the ones that keep blessing a person all year long, or for life. πŸ’

There is nothing better than seeing a person grow & blossom before your eyes, & to know you had a hand in it… Amazing! 🎁⭐

I hope this has helped someone.⭐ Goodness to All & to All a Good Life!

Much Love, & Many Blessings are wished for you today tomorrow & always. Your Sister in Christ, Liz

THANKSGIVINGπŸ’› πŸ‘‘πŸ•Šβ­πŸ‘πŸ‘’β­πŸ‘‘

Is an expression of Gratitude, A Special Gift 🎁 that we give to Ourselves, God, & Others. πŸ’›πŸ‘‘β­πŸ‘

Its a Warm Holiday, we spend with our families, Friends & Neighbors. This year it falls on November 26th. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Our National Holiday really stems from the first successful Harvest, in 1621, which culminated into, a big Celebration, a Grand Feast the English Colonists, & The Wampanoag Indians enjoyed together. There was Wine, Food & Dancing, FOR 3 DAYS 😊

Love, Laughter, Hope, Belief, Trust & True Gratitude–( Thanksgiving ) are your Keys πŸ”‘ to opening up your Heart, & Allowing others in, including God πŸ€“

I Love this Holiday, You get to eat & drink what you want, finally without counting calories! Watching or Playing football, all day, with all the crazy in laws, πŸ˜„ all the while enjoying a much needed day off.

Traditionally the next Day, is Black Friday, πŸ› & we shop till we drop, & then come Home & decorate the Treeβ­πŸŽπŸ€—

Being Thankful is a good way to live ones life. Instead of focusing on what is wrong, it helps us to focus on what is right. πŸ‘’

This Thanksgiving let’s start a New Tradition…

Let’s not just open up our wallets & Home, but let’s open up our hands, minds & Hearts as well, receiving & giving the very choicest of our Gifts, Goodness, Laughter & Love. πŸ’›πŸ•Š

From my Family to Yours, πŸ’› Have a Very Merry Thanksgiving! πŸ€—


12:30 – Houston Texans at Detroit Lions. C.B.S

4:30 -‘ Washington Football Team at Dallas Cowboys. FOX

8:20 p.m. Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers. N.B.C.

Love you guys, enjoy, & have a great day. 🏈



It started out like any other. I was watching my Church programs on t.v. drinking my coffee, smoking a j… my usual morning routine, before I went to work. I saw it was now 8:55 a.m. I was sitting in my rocking chair & without hearing a word, I suddenly felt compelled to lay straight & flat. Since I was sitting in a rocking chair, I could only lean back so far, even as I tried to, I whisper I can’t. At this time a gentle but firm hand, pressed me back down. Laying there, time suddenly ceast to exist. It seemed like hours had gone by… I remembered I still have to go to work! I was going to be late now. I had been there 2 years, & this would be the first. I jumped up immediately, & ran to the room. Throwing off my pajamas in a tizzy, I grab my work clothes, & get dressed. As I’m putting on my shoes, i happened to look up, & I see the clock on my dresser, it reads 9:05 a.m… How could that be? There’s no way, & yet the truth was there staring me in the face…

I knew whatever had happened, had taken hours, but I could see now only took 5 minutes. At this point, I really couldn’t wrap my head around it, but instead I was super glad I had extra time now. Since I didn’t need to be to work until 10:00 a.m. & I was already dressed, I decided to head out early. I rode my bike to Williams Park, about a 10 minute ride from my house, & right across the street from my job, & visit with Old Man Robert. He was this hip old black man with grey hair. He had sat in this Park for 25 years, & had seen much.

Because of where my job was, & where he sat, I had passed by him many times until after years, we became, crazy enough, the best of friends. I dismounted, & walked over to him. I’m still spinning from what had happened this morning, & begin sharing the details. I guess to see what his opinion was about all of this, & then a squirrel pushes this nest out of the big tree I’m standing under, & it comes cascading down in a steady flow of leaves on top of me! I look at Robert through the dirt & leaves all over me, & we both start laughing, w.t. heck just happened? I noticed my watch, it is now 10! Crap, now I’m going to be late. I said goodbye to Robert, & took off.

Pulling in quickly, I jump off, & ran inside. The B & B where I worked, was all a buzz this morning, with the check outs, & serving breakfast. I slip pass, & went looking for my boss. I found him in the kitchen. He gave me the quick run down, & the list of rooms for today. I tell him very quickly about the squirrel incident, & head off to get supplies, & cleaners. I turn the key, & open the door. The room is in a complete shamble, the ceiling was in pieces on the floor, & it was flooded with water everywhere.

In shock,( it was a Nice room,) I went to tell my boss. He thought I was playing some kinda joke on him, because not 5 minutes before I had arrived, he had checked this room, & it had been fine. He couldn’t believe that much damage could occur so quickly. We both realized, if had I been on time this morning, I would have been in that room cleaning, & I probably would have been hurt by all that debris, & water…. Almost like the leaves raining down on me at the park…

I shut & lock that room, & head down the hall to the next. I smell this intoxicating perfume, it smells so pretty, it draws me in like a ghost floating on the wind. I am a lover of good perfume, & I absolutely have to know which female guest is wearing it. I look around to guesstimate who, & I notice a Good looking Man wearing a long white cloth gown, staring & smiling at me…its Jesus!

I get so excited…But… Then It couldn’t be. Soon I am doubting what I have seen.. Soon I’m done with the downstairs, & I head up. We have 21 rooms, & today, we need most of them. I soon get behind, & I begin to fret & worry. At this point, I have 4 complete rooms to do, I glance at the clock, it reads 2 p.m. check in is at 3! I rush in the first 3, & I get them done in lightning time, while listening to the best music I have heard in years. Every song has been a life long favorite of mine & at present, the radio is playing, ” Sailing ” by Christopher Cross. As I leave I notice the clock reads, 1:30p.m. There is no way possible, how could this be? I of course realize God has stopped time, so I could finish on time! How wonderful.

I hear a small voice say… Do you really think God stopped time? I started laughing at the absurdity of it, but then it dawned on me, that music kept me moving all day, I had not only smelt & felt Him, but I had seen Him too. He had helped me in many ways, & chances were favorable, that He had changed that clock forward, to make me go faster too. πŸ€“

There were so many thoughts running through my head now, that my head was swirling. I was pretty sure something had happened, but still not entirely sure. I now know what happened on that very special day, but it took awhile. I had to keep having many experiences with Jesus. Thank God He kept coming around.

I was raised up with the church, a Good Church, but they had always said, you will only see God when you die… Sooo I had a really hard time accepting that Jesus was here now. He lays us down gently, resurrects us in a blink, breathes life into us, walks, talks, teaches, Heals, & Blesses us.

The truth is, only some have His Love, & Salvation, therefore His Presence & Guidance follows.

Unfortunately for those who don’t, He removes His Presence from you, & you will no longer have His ear… It has always been your choice. Until you decide to change, & want better, you won’t.

He came consistently for a period of 3 years, & honestly it took everyone of them, before I could resolutely say, without a doubt, I truly believe. During many of His Visits, I was watching my Grandchildren, & He would read & play with them, through me! Other times He would tell me things about life myself & others. During all of His visits, He would always bring Love Peace & Joy- & laughter- ” The Goodies,” as I used to call them.

There were sooo many visits, I couldn’t write them all down, but I will recount one more for you, the short version, I think you’ll like.

Sometime in the beginning, when I was newly Saved… I was invited to come over my Good friend, Roberts house. He had invited me over for dinner, drinks & a little partying… After working, this was a welcome offer. It didn’t matter what we did, we always had a blast. I arrived with beer & goodies in hand. I guess we talked & laughed for a couple of hours, by then we were both pretty lit, but still okay.

As I am talking to my friend, in the middle of my sentence, another Male being starts talking through my mouth, its still sounds like me, but I know it’s not, these are not my words & what I want to say… What exactly is going on? I ask internally, who are you? No answer. I quickly ask are you evil? Still no answer. I am so scared, but He just keeps talking to Robert, & asking many questions! I say now, to this being, if you don’t stop asking him so many questions, he’s going to think I’m a cop! I can see me inside, a little girl cowering in the corner. I don’t receive an answer to any of my questions, & 15 minutes later, I’m me again, & the words coming out of my mouth, are now mine. I closely looked over Robert, to see if he knew that somebody else had been talking to him & not me…. I could clearly see he didn’t… How could he not hear the difference? I was totally weirded out about this, so I didn’t say anything. That night I knew exactly what had been said, but the very next day, all I could remember was somebody talked through me…

I worked 2 jobs back then, so I hadn’t spoke to him in a couple of weeks. So I show up unannounced, & he had much to say…he quit everything & now was going to church every sunday, & this next sunday, he was being Baptized! He was Happy & I could tell his whole life had changed. It’s been years now, & every once in awhile he will still smoke a j,…but he has never took up drinking or drugs again. πŸ€—

I have some pretty amazing things that still happen, but I hope you know who that Good Stranger was & what He can & does do… Here & Now. Jesus is real & He is Amazing!

You want to know what’s even more Wonderful? This was only the beginning, of experiences, life changes & Blessings.

I Pray πŸ™ you too, will have your own Beautiful Testimony to share… Soon! ⭐

Love your Sister in Christ, Elizabeth


Awe, but wait, there are two…🌸

Most of us already know this Story. For those of us who don’t, I will gladly recap. 🌿

There was a Man, who while traveling was robbed, beat up, & left for dead. While He laid on the road, in great pain dying, three people passed by… A Holy Priest, a Lady who worked for the Clergy, & a Samaritan… A person in this day, who were despised & looked down upon, because they weren’t full blooded Jews, only half. They were treated badly, much like racist today still do. 🌿

Out of the three, you would have thought, the Holy Priest would have helped him, but he quickly crossed to the other side of the road, to not be burdened with looking at him… Or the Lady, who worked for the Church, but neither did anything to help. The person who no one had helped before, ‘ The despised Samaritan ‘ is the one who took great pity on the Man. He picked Him up, dressed his wounds, & laid him on His Donkey. He then walked miles to the nearest Inn. He then paid the Innkeeper 40 dollars to cover his food, care, & lodging. 🌿

This Good Man, obviously was on His way elsewhere, & had other things to do, but He decided this Man was much more important. 🌿

How often does God derail your plans? You get up, & have every intention of doing something, & then Whamo! here comes somebody or something, that suddenly takes precedence, & before you know it, the day has gone, & you realize you didn’t get anything done, that you wanted to… & yet you know that you did do something Beautiful & Good. πŸ€—

This happens to me more times than I can count! πŸ•Šβ™₯ I have learned to be more flexible & open to what it is, that God wants, & not my own plans, which can wait another day.

In this wonderful Story is the knowledge, of what a True Neighbor is… It is Anyone, you come across, who needs help, that YOU CAN & WANT TO HELP, JOYFULLYπŸ•―πŸ πŸŽ‘

THIS IS THE STORY CALLED THE WOMAN AT THE WELL.. A.K.A. The other Good Samaritan. πŸ€—πŸ•―πŸ’œ

She meets Jesus at Jacob’s Well, & during their conversations, discovers Jesus is The Messiah!! She gets so excited she leaves her water jar behind, & runs to tell everybody who She has just met. The whole Village runs out to meet Him, & they too believe He is The Savior of the World. So many People were Saved that Day, & their lives were changed for the better! 😊 Hallelujah! Amen

Since the corona virus has been in our lives, & at the forefront, I have had the Pleasure of hearing & seeing sooo many stories & crazy situations, telling about the Kindness & Goodness of Strangers. πŸŽ‘ There is no other Commandment Greater than these: ” To Love God, Yourself & Others “

My Heart overflows with Joy. I Love to see so many people rising up, & people helping in any way they can. You who do, BRAVO! If there is a way to make God Happy & Smile, I’m sure this would be it! β™₯ He is sooo Proud of each & everyone of You, Good Samaritans. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. πŸ•Šβ­

God Bless each & Everyone of You. May God Rain Blessing after Blessing upon You, & May You never stop doing Good, in Jesus Christ’s Holy Name I Pray πŸ™ AMEN.


LUKE: 10: 25-37

JOHN: 4: 1-43

MARK: 28-31