I have heard the story of Jesus, leaving the 99 sheep 🐑 to go off & search for the 1 sheep that is lost, many many times….

It seems to infer that He leaves the other sheep, by their selves to find the one who has wandered off… 😒

Sounds a little scary for the 99. I sincerely thought that’s what He did. Didn’t you?⛅

I have been following Jesus for quite awhile now… & In these past years He has taught me much, including what I now know about that very special parable.

Yes, it is Jesus’s Job to come find all of us, Teach us, Heal us & Save us. Most assuredly True!

Where the falseness ends & where the truth begins, is … He goes to work everyday, but before He takes off, He gives us a Kiss & a Cuddle, & Promises to return soon. 💖😊

He says Goodbye, & leaves us in our Heavenly Father’s, & The Holy Spirit’s Loving Protective, Good Hands. He Never leaves us alone, to fend for our selves. Never.

What kind of being would do that, to defenseless little children, definitely not Jesus! He’s to Wonderful & Smart for all of that. It even tells us in, both, the New Testament, & the Old. This tried & true statement has been said in the Bible over & over. Pretty much since the beginning of time.

Jesus says, that He will never forsake us, & He will be with all of us, until the end of time. ☔🌤🌈

Our first, Holy Trinity, we see on Earth, was when, Jesus Walked here. Occasionally, His two Assistants would Magically appear when He needed Them… They are Moses, & Elijah. A.k.a.- John the Baptist. They come first, even now. One releases you, & the other gets you ready for Jesus, by repentance.

After you are Saved, by Jesus, & have the Holy Spirit inside, you get the Holy Trinity, of Heaven, which is Our Holy Father, The Holy Son & the Holy Spirit. They are for sure, the Very Best Babysitters!!! 🕊🌤 there’s none better.

So always remember that, He is never far away, & He will always be with you & all of us, even until the end of time. 😊

Even when things are not going well, & you feel He is not there. Jesus is The Lord, & The Good Shepherd. 🕊🌤⭐  You are Loved, & You are not alone. 

Scriptures, Matthew-18: 12 to 14. Luke- 15: 3 to 7. Matthew- 28: 20.  Isaiah- 63: 7-9

All Praise & Glory. 

Much Love, & God Bless. Have a Beautiful Day 🛩

Your Sister in Christ, Liz 😘



For Mature 💝⛲☀Christians only

Proverbs 4:23 says, Guard your Heart with all diligence, for from it, flows the springs & issues of this life… You can’t give out, what you do not have…

One of the first lessons that God teaches us to do, is to learn the knowledge on how to take care of yourself, & how to protect yourself, so you can survive.

This Good rule of thumb to know, for your body & life, also applies to your Heart.  In being a Mature Christian, its sometimes hard to figure out where to draw the line. Do we keep our Hearts on, & endure every blow that comes at us? Do we allow our family, friends & strangers to manipulate us into a place of suffering?

This is what most of us do, we internalize it & other people’s moods & situations jump on us, & rob us of our Peace, Joy, laughter, & our good days. This is not God’s Will.

How we guard our bodies, is not how we guard our Hearts. Your arms blocking an emotion, that is arising, will absolutely do nothing. But… We do however have to learn how to Manage our feelings, by exercising & flexing  this wonderful muscle, that gives us so much.

These are some simple steps to help you on your way.

1) Keep everything outside of you. Only allow the Good stuff, that you want & need to permeate.        2)  understand that hurting people hurt, miserable people try to make others miserable, angry, frustrated people, fight & argue.                        3) If people knew better, they would do better.                                4) You can’t solve the World’s & everyone’s problems. Only God can.

We who are Saved, should not be leading ourselves without one-(a Good, Healthy Heart), or trying to help others, without one. Take a look at most of the government’s here & around the World… They lead their people horribly, because there is not love, or caring being given, no Heart in it, just the basics.  Terrible leadership!  A life devoid of Love, Peace, & Laughter, & Goodness, is a life not meant for us… Or even others.

Using this Knowledge, for the inevitable storms of life, will ultimately, help you to exercise this muscle, & help you to strengthen it.  You need both, a soft fleshy Heart, that has some hardened/toughened parts as well?   YES, There is a Balance to All things. 🕊

Yes we need to keep our Hearts compassionate, loving, & kind, but we also need to have Strength, discipline, & smarts, in them too.

Keep fighting the Good fight, & remember to keep God & you first, ( in this regard ), & you will be able to weather them, & go through them much better, & a lot quicker… Beautifully. ⚡😊

May God Bless you with inner Strength, & an Abundance of Love. Standing Soft but Firm. 😊                🌺🌿🌸🌺🌿🌸🌺🌿🌸🌺🌿🌸🌺                 💝MUCH LOVE💝




It’s funny, just when I think I have it ALL figured out… A thought pop’s into my head, that changes everything!  I think, now that’s a revelation, that is so true. This is the thought that changes the way I think now, & from now on, it changes me…

I remembered hearing that God gives Grace to the humble, people who quietly & humbly go about doing their lives… But why?

The quiet humble person who tries, & keeps doing what it takes no matter what… This person if they asked for help, chances are they would get it from God & Man. But the arrogant & proud, the complainers, the ones who feel everyone owes them, only God Helps, I think most of us know why…

I ask God to raise me out of this life I’m living, & put me into the life I should be living. Please.

I am most definitely a squeaky wheel! 😊

I badly want: My Home, Family Together, a Successful Business, & God Shining Brightly in my life, & yet, I can’t seem to spring out & into the life I want.

I have been Blessed by God in so many ways, He has been more than generous. I am also Blessed in other ways, I share an Apt. With a very special person in my life, the bills are paid, I have a handful of friends, blah, blah, blah.  I still want the other life, Door # 2 Please.  😊

God has helped me, with so much in my life, I wonder sometimes if He is just waiting for me, to finally learn to help myself, stop talking about it & Start doing what I need to do, to someday, reach my Goals…& To enjoy my journey & where I am now… Maybe…

I have a responsibility for my life too, not just God. My Earthly Body is My👑 First Kingdom. It is under my Command, My Direction.  Try to Keep your eyes on the Prize-Your Goal.  Don’t let your feet take you elsewhere, if by some chance they do… & you mess up, learn from it, dust yourself off, & jump back into place.

Remember if you are a Saved Christian, then God has ignited & placed inside of you, all you will need,    to be,    Victorious. ⭐

Take control of your steps & your life, a little discipline & humbleness goes along way!

When I’m going through a season in my life that I don’t see growth or anything, its normal, most Christians are going through the same thing… This to shall pass.

Most of us will have to come back here again, because there is much to learn & do, only this time we don’t go to hell first.  We are just born. Everything we are being taught is either for this life or preparing you for the next.  You & I will get there, we will reach our Goals, & everything you do with God will never be in vain, for nothing… He didn’t come into  this world to lose, & neither should you!  Stay Strong, & reach for your dreams. 😊

Much Love, Your Sister in Christ, Liz                                                        1Peter 5:5. If you can, read all of 1Peter, it’s a very short, but good book!





Most of us think that we must be pretty good, if God Blesses us, talks with us, & loves us…                Yes, God loves & delights in each one of us, very much, & He always has… But…

Although He does, it does not negate where you & I are & why…

You & I are here to learn, how to think, how to feel, how to touch, how to love, how to be self sufficient, & just over all do much better.

We are here, because ALL of us didn’t know, much about God, ourselves, about others, life, love, especially discipline, which is the ability to say no, & restrain yourself, despite you don’t want to.

As a saved, better & higher being, you will understand, that we need to do what is best, for all of the parties involved, not just us.  This is not always going to be easy to do, but we can do this eventually, if we try.

You will be developing spiritual muscles, you didn’t even know were there, let alone have.

The amount of knowledge & experience, we need to have is staggering.  They say in John 21:25, that Jesus while He was on earth, did, said, & accomplished so much, that if they had recorded everyone of them, the world could hardly contain the books! That is a lot of necessary knowledge & work.

We are being taught & changed, little by little, into better, stronger, much smarter, kinder good beings.  Then eventually, you also will be taught how to be a good King👑 or Queen👑, that yes, God will walk with & help. So that you are able to now, love, protect, provide, help & guide properly the people, in your Kingdom, whether it is 1 person, or 1 million…

How do I know???

Well, God starts doing a mighty work in us now, one step at a time.  Believe me, He wouldn’t work this hard in & with us, for nothing, who would?  Certainly not the wisest, most powerful, greatest God of the Universe.

Our Heavenly Father has over 16 billion children at present, to love & take care of… On earth as it is in Heaven, & Jesus has us. At this moment we, those on earth, are approximately over 8 billion, to do the same. A truly magnificent, beautiful, hardworking, good God.  Wow, I raised 3 kids on my own, & that just about did me in.  😂

This should really paint a picture, & show us, just how much more we need to know & do, to be able to get to that level.

God wants us to understand all that is necessary to accomplish this… beautifully.  He also wants us to take one day at a time, walking through this life, enjoying Him, ourselves, others, & all other living beings, learning, laughing, singing, dancing, skipping, & being well & happy the whole way. 😊

May God above continue to Bless you & I, so that someday, we too, will be, Great, Powerful, Good God’s, just like Them.

In the Name of the Holy Father, the Holy Son, & the Holy Spirit, in Jesus Christ’s Beautiful name I Pray 🙏  Amen


PALM SUNDAY —April 5th

Palm Sunday starts the beginning of Holy week. 😊 This is when the people laid down palm branches on the road for Jesus & his little donkey, so they could walk over them like Royalty, & to make their ride more comfortable. 🌴🌴🌴

As they did the people cheered & shouted, ” Tell Jerusalem Her King is Coming! ” ” God Bless King David’s Son! ” ” Praise God in the Highest Heavens! ”

The Pharisees were in the crowd as well & they were not happy at what the crowd was saying… So    they told Jesus to rebuke His followers…

Jesus replied… If they kept quiet, even the rocks would cheer! 😊

PASSOVER—–At Sunset Wednesday,           April 8th.

We celebrate this day in commemoration of the Israelites.    ( the Saved, All of us ) being released from enslavement from Egypt,( hell )

During the Passover, Jesus ate with His Disciples, — ” He Blessed, & broke the bread, & said Take this, an eat of it, this is my Body, which will be given up for all of you.  Then He took the cup of wine, & said, drink from it all of you, for this is My Blood, of the New Covenant, which will be shed for many, for the remission of sins.” We call it The Last supper. 🐑

GOOD FRIDAY — April, 10th.

In knowing this is the Day, Jesus Christ, our Lord & Savior was crucified, I’m sure most of us are wondering, why do we call it Good Friday?

Well to put it simply, the Result.

The devil & his constituents, tried everything to shut up & shut down Jesus, & all that He was accomplishing… But guess what?  It boomeranged! & it did exactly the opposite!  Ha ha ha ha ha 😊

He proved, He really is The Holy son of God, who had the Power of God inside of Him.  He endured a lot & then the Crucifixion. He then dismissed His Spirit to God, when He chose to, not when they wanted Him to. He had complete control.

For three hours there was darkness in all the land, & the veil of the Temple was torn. Suddenly there was a big earthquake, & the rocks split, & the graves opened…

He’s still walks amongst us everywhere, only He looks like you & me… He works through us His Holy Vessels,  🌈 Teaching, Healing, Blessing, & doing mighty Miracles — Amen.


He arose at sunrise, 🌅 & Jesus came & spoke with His Disciples…

“All authority has been given to Me, in Heaven & on earth. Go therefore & make Disciples of all the nations, Baptizing them in the name of the Holy Father, the Holy Son & the Holy Spirit. Teach them to observe all the things I have commanded you.”

Remember, that I am always with you, even to the ends of the World.

All Praise & Glory belong to our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. 💝

This year, lets look for 👀 & listen for, God in Others.

Have a Happy & Blessed Holy Week.       ⭐     🎁🎁🎁    ⭐

Much Love to all of you!

Luke– 19: 28–40.                                Matthew– 26: 26–29.     27: 51–53.   28: 18.