This is Your Part

There are 5 important parts of you.

1) Heart 2) Mind 3) Body 4) Spirit 5) Soul

Jesus and you work together, you are partners in all ways and together doer’s of good. How do we do this?

Well out of the 5 you are responsible for now, for only one. Your flesh, it’s your physical body, and all that it comes with. ( This includes getting control of your thoughts, & gaining control over your emotions )  Jesus is responsible and dependable for the other 4. He renews your heart, mind, spirit and soul instantly from the beginning. I would like you to think of your body on Earth as a little child. Who you are raising- to grow up and into self sufficient, well rounded, beautiful, happy good person. This is every parents goal, and should be yours too. We need to get control over our bodies wants and desires. And in time to become it’s Master, Leader. Yes Jesus will help you, but your part is to gain control. You will need discipline, self control and at times restraint. For some things it will be easy, & yet others will make you ask Jesus constantly, to Please Help. You wouldn’t give a child everything he or she wants, neither should you allow yourself to have everything, especially if you know it is not good for you.

For all things in your life, including over coming obstacles, Please add an element of Time. Please be patient with God, & yourself. It’s expected & okay to fail many, many times. God wants you to forgive yourself, then figure out how to next time do better. When the next time comes, try to do better, okay?

God Bless You,

From another Queen, Still learning ♥️


The Church, is a Beautiful Holy Sanctuary, that should represent God in all of His Beautiful ways.

There is no argument that the Churches across the world, have been the driving force behind the Goodness our world has received, & continues to receive from, to this day.

However, is it possible, that in all of these years of service, & Goodness, that we have gotten it wrong???

In following our Heavenly Fathers, & Jesus’s examples, we have learned to first receive from them, all that we need for our spiritual growth, & our lives we live here…

Is it better, or right for the people who start a church, to use their own money, to support that church, congregation, & its neighbors???

This is my question & or argument today…

So, if we could still do good, & give out the Love of God, & we got it backwards, just how much more Goodness could we give out, doing it the right way, — Gods way ?


We are His assistants, Holy Vessels, that He works through.  In the beginning of a new ✝ Christians life, the best thing he or she can do is, Receive, Receive, Receive.  In time, as the Christian gains more knowledge, grows, & matures, they will automatically become more loving, giving, & they will want to give back, nobody will have to ask them to help, they will naturally want to.

The founding individuals of a church, that uses their own money to support that church & its congregation, is much more effective, in spreading the true Gospel.

God also encourages us to need & work with one another… So where do we draw the line, & keep the balance?

I think its a combination of money, people, & things that will help in the continuation of our church.

Besides using your own money, also try to invest in something.        ( legal & moral ) that will bring you money, for lets say, the next 50 years.

Occasionally when you could use some help, ask your members, & congregation… If they can, & want to help. I can imagine most people, couldn’t reach into their pockets quick enough, or raise their hand quick enough to volunteer.

Which allows others to stretch their wings, & be a Beautiful Blessing to others as well.  I hope we learned something today, on how to run the Church of God, Better.


Love your sister in Christ,                Liz

Honor your Mother & Father


You know when I was growing up, I had the most crazy, violent, dysfunctional family, it seriously felt like I had been adopted, & now was being raised by the manson’s. There is no way I came from this family. However, I look like my Dad, I have my Mom’s derriere, & my family’s voice. To say I didn’t trust or like them, is putting it polietly. I couldn’t wait to get away from them, & start living my true real life. Jesus came into my life about 8 or 9 years ago. Since then He has taught me a lot about life, me & other people. Okay fast forward to my family. I have 3 grown kids, & everyone of them at one time or another hated me. Like they grew up with the manson’s. I swore I would never do what my parents did, I would raise my…

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The Wilderness🐯🐻🐍

Don’t worry, everything works out beautifully🕊


Jesus after He was Baptized in the Jordan River by John The Baptist, was immediately ushered out into the wilderness by The Holy Spirit.

If you have received Jesus into your heart, you too will be released from hell, ( Gods prison ) & therefore go into the wilderness- it’s what is outside of hell. This is really a metaphor for Earth. Where all of us live now. You are either in hell, ( a slave under the law ) or coming out of it, debt paid, set free. But either way we do it together.

In the Old Testament, Moses led the people out of Egypt ( hell ) into the wilderness. This originally was just a 11 day trip, but as most of us know turned into a 40 year trip, where most didn’t make it to the Promised Land-Home. However long it takes you to realize you…

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If you would like to get to know Jesus, & yourself better… 💝😊🌱


Then Take the next 40 days & immerse yourself in God, & all things good, & nothing else. This is critically important. This is where Jesus & you together are going to build a solid foundation for you and your life.

For just the next 40 days, I want you to be relaxed, present, focused and aware. ( If your not, you will miss everything ) I want you to get rid of any thing that is mind altering. Coffee, cigarettes, weed, alcohol, drugs etc. During this time I would also like you to eat healthier, and drink plenty of water. After the 40 days, if you want to continue with any of them it is your choice, but hopefully now you have control over them, not vica-versa. Pray, communicate with God, go to church often, ( or watch it on t.v. ) listen to good Christian music, be creative…

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The Book of Job🌱

This is probably one of the hardest Books in the Bible to understand.  This story begins, with a righteous man Job, who lives in Uz, & has became the richest cattle man in the area. He has a wife, grown children, friends, & servants.  All of whom he treats pretty well.

It has God talking to the devil, & God allowing the devil to do his best, to see if Job, really does love God, & if everything was taken from him, would he still be a good man… Then ending the way it does, ( read fom chapter 33 until the end ) where Elihu explains, & then the Lord finishes explaining.

He loses his family, his fortune, his health, & the support of his friends.

This particular story helps us to understand, whether you are well behaved down here or not, God does not for the most part, interfere, the devil is allowed to do his best, you are supposed to do yours!! By the way… As a side note: there is No ongoing dialogue with the devil, from God, its just what is, & where your at… The devil talks to everybody, including Jesus, when He too was in the wilderness…

There are times in our life, that you will be on top of the world, everything is going great, & then there will be times in your life, you will suffer, lose loved ones, & all will seem hopeless. At times we Praise God, & at other times, some of us, will curse at, & blame God for their misfortunes.

Now, on the other hand, lets not underestimate, the power of a good spanking, or being shredded like wheat, ( punishment ) it will make you snap back to reality, get you moving in the right direction, & it will make you want to stay right!

Our Beautiful, Wonderful God is the same yesterday, today, & tomorrow, He remains loving & kind always. Life on the other hand… Not so much.

We all have friends & family members, who support us at times, & at other times, they don’t.  None of us are perfect, & we should appreciate the times they do, & mabe be a little more understanding when they don’t. For the ones who are brave enough, to tell us the truth, gently, BRAVO.

In the end, all was restored, his family, his health, his fortune, his life. All will be restored to you & I, & you will see your family, & loved ones again. 😊

Keep your faith, & remain steadfast, even when it looks really bad, trust Jesus, & our Heavenly Father, they do know whats best, everything does turn out… beautifully. 🌷

I have been attacked many times, but I have learned over many years, that God will allow you to go through some things, but He gives us the knowledge, & tools to get through it better. When it is all over, He comes & comforts me, helps me to laugh, & usually I get promoted to a New Level. 🌟

All Praise & Glory belong to God.

Love your sister in Christ,  Elizabeth.

The Book of Job


Receiving & Giving 😇


How can you or I give out God’s love, if we haven’t yet received it? You can’t give out what you don’t have.

One of the hardest things for a new Christian to do, is receive. We have been taught that giving only is Divine, but we should have been told that receiving is Divine too. Yes it is good to give & not expect anything in return. But how many of us, when a person tries to give us something, rejects their goodness, & we say, no thank you, that is not necessary?

This way of thinking and doing is what most Christians do, & what happens is we inadvertantly stop our Blessings from flowing to us, & not allowing someone else to be a Blessing. In God’s world, & in His right way, learning to give & receive, are two halves of a whole. This is the balance.

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