Mothers 💝💝💝

Now a Great sign appeared in Heaven…

A Woman clothed with the Sun…     with the moon under Her feet…

On Her head is a crown of Glory, made up of 12 Stars…                                    —Revelation 12—

God could not be everywhere all the time, so He Created Mothers.                  —Jewish proverb—

—I want my children to have everything I couldn’t have or afford… Then I want to move in with them.                                                                —Phyllis Diller—

To All Mothers in Heaven & Here,      have a Blessed & Beautiful Mothers Day.    🎁🎁


H.E.P. 💝🌟😇

Stands for:

Homeless Empowerment Program.  I would like to shine a light on, & give thanks to a really good organization.

The other day I went to visit a friend of mine I hadn’t seen in awhile… She & her husband were now living in a shelter… Hep.  I expected to see a ugly run down place, crawling with bugs & angry people running it, who have very little empathy or respect for the people they are supposed to be helping.  This believe it or not is how most shelters are.

I couldn’t believe it! They were living in a nice 1 bedroom apt. that in Florida would normally cost about $1200 a month, in a nice neighborhood.  She took me for a tour around the place, & once again, I couldn’t believe it!  They have a beautiful garden, a church, cafeteria, thrift store, dental office, before & after day care, food pantry, club house, with many apts to help families, veterans, & individuals who are homeless.

They are a 8 acre complete community with picnic tables & grills too, where most of us would love to live.  I genuinely liked this wonderful place, & greatly admire & respect the people who started this organization, & the people who continue to run it.  This should be a model for ALL shelters.

Unfortunately, they have a mile long waiting list to get in.  This means that so many others will have to go to those other shelters… When someone is going through a dark time in their life, & just need a little help to get back on their feet, this wonderful place is a very bright light indeed.

May God open our eyes & hearts & continue to Bless this beautiful organization….  Hep 🌟



The Upper Room🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

A very interesting place…

In Acts 2, This is where the disciples received the Holy Spirit & Power of God.  This Transformed them into Apostles…

Another time it is mentioned in 2Kings-4;10-37 .This is where Elijah the Prophet would frequently stay while passing through preaching & doing missionary work.  The story goes, that the owners of the Inn liked him so much, that they built a room up stairs specifically & only for him.  So that no matter when he came it would always be available.  The Spirit of God truly rested upon & liked this Holy place.  Because of their kindness, God Blessed them with their greatest want…A child.  A child who later dies but is brought back to life by Elijah in that very room…

Remember that barn at the Inn where Joseph & Mary had Jesus? That had no rooms available because of the census?  Yes, it is the very same.

We all need a place where it is quiet, where we can hear our own thoughts, & have communion—-conversate with God, Holy Sacred Ground.

If you don’t have a place like that in your life, I encourage you to do so now.  As you can see it really does make a huge difference.

May Gods Love & Radiance Shine upon & in you, Now & Forever more.  Hallelujah, Amen. 😇



It represents renewal, rebirth, good weather, families playing together, & thoroughly cleaning your home .

This is also the time of year to celebrate Jesus’s victory & resurrection. ( 40 holy days, from ash Wednesday until the resurrection-Easter ) Jesus was the first of many to arise & coquer evil & death permanently.  He visited His disciples first to let them know He was alive & well,  victorious even .

Our Bible has recorded some such visitations. But He went through many trials & tribulations first .. His Life, Crucifixion, & resurrection were proof of His overcoming & Mastering it All including death .( john 16:33 )  eventually nothing mastered Him.

Before this could be, He had to learn, & walk through much. He studied & learned for 20 years, before His Ministry.  He received the Power of God while attending a wedding… From the beginning & up until right before His death. He was being instructed, refined, impowered & equipped to handle, all that could & was coming His way.  Which was Horrific. But…as you can see, Our Heavenly Father equipped Him beautifully.

As Jesus said Powerfully, It Is Finished. He dismissed His Spirit to God, & then Arose on the Third Day. 🦋

You are under going the same process. This takes time, trust, steadfastness, & laughter to get through it, but you will. & don’t worry you won’t go through what Jesus went through, He did it once  for ALL of us.  He already has won the victory.  Everything turns out marvelous,                                          it really does.

Believe.   Trust.   Receive

May God Bless you, & place all of the enemies under your feet.

A Very Happy Easter to All, with love & joy,  Liz


The great, the good, the bad, & the ugly.

Relationships, I want you to love the person, & people in your life with everything you’ve got. Lets stop half assing it, lets instead step it up.

If the person in your life is worth your love, lets love them with our whole hearts & not just a piece .

There are 5 basic foundational qualities to any good relationship.

Repect, trust, communication, laughter, ( play/fun) & compromise.

To any good relationship be it with your spouse, companion, your parents, friends, family, coworkers, nieghbors etc .

Let’s use their faces & actions to determine the truth. What are you bringing out of the other person, their best or not so good qualities?  Are they running towards you, or away from you?  These are your true mirrors.

Any good relationship needs this–a solid foundation to build from.  So that both can have a healthy, happy, good relationship, thats thriving at times, & allowed to grow at other times.

If on each of the qualities, you gave a 20% value, how much of a relationship do you have, & what percentage do you not?  Work on the ones you need to & enjoy the ones you don’t .

God Bless you, remember to fight the good fight & to love as much as you can. 🎁

Receiving & Giving 😇

How can you or I give out God’s love, if we haven’t yet received it? You can’t give out what you don’t have.

One of the hardest things for a new Christian to do, is receive. We have been taught that giving only is Divine, but we should have been told that receiving is Divine too. Yes it is good to give & not expect anything in return. But how many of us, when a person tries to give us something, rejects their goodness, & we say, no thank you, that is not necessary?

This way of thinking and doing is what most Christians do, & what happens is we inadvertantly stop our Blessings from flowing to us, & not allowing someone else to be a Blessing. In God’s world, & in His right way, learning to give & receive, are two halves of a whole. This is the balance.

We should first learn how to receive from our Heavenly Father, & Jesus Christ. They will pour right into us their goodness, joy, peace, & their undying love for us! If you’re anything like me, you will receive it with love, joy, & tears. Their love is so overwhelmingly incredible, so different from the love we feel & have experienced here.

Even though it has always been there for us, if we don’t learn how to receive it, we won’t get it, because most of us are closed from all of the hurts we have endured through out our lives, & of course what we have been taught.

Like you, I also didn’t know how. Jesus had to explain it to me. ‘He’ said, I needed to open up myself, my heart, mind and spirit, like the flowers do for the sun in the morning, & take in all of His Goodness. When evil is around, close, like the flowers do when nightfall is approaching.

In the morning, when you are praying, I would like you to ask our Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ Holy Name, to pour His love, & the love He feels for you, inside, until it is over-flowing. Open up your arms to Heaven, believe, trust & you will receive! Sit there for a few minutes, not saying anything, just receiving.

If you really trust & believe, something wonderful will happen, your stomach will become full, like you just ate a big meal, but in reality, God has filled you up with His love, & all that you will need today. 😀

Try it! Believe & receive. Now you to will be able to love wonderfully, & quite easily. One thing more before I go, when you have been filled with Gods love, & all of the other wonderful Goodies, unless you give it out, you will be in pain until you do.

So, in your own life, & out there in the big world, give out the good love, peace, joy, warmth, acceptance, help, etc. Be loved, & then you will be able to love, beautifully, just like God.

Incredible Experiences, Signs, & Miracles…

I am convinced that all of us have our own true story to tell & share. Our Heavenly Father, Jesus, the Angels etc All speak to us in different ways, They are communicating with you and I, in a way, we can better understand. Sometimes it can be like bombs of Blessings going off, & yet others are a little more subtle, but good.

I like many of you, have had some pretty strange but wonderful experiences through out my life, some I recognized immediately, others I didn’t pick up on until years later. This is one of those times…

When I was a little girl, I guess I was around 2 or 3 years old. I was waking up one morning and some lady I could see was asking me to come through a door… As I started to get up and go towards her, I notice that the door she wants me to go through is to small, even for a little girl like me, & I tell her, I can’t.

She takes my hand, & suddenly we both were on the other side. We walked together down a few steps, into a white room with white floors. As we started walking down a hallway, she says to me, “this is your last chance.”

We turn a corner, & there I saw a cell with bars. As I looked beyond the bars, I could see a opulent room fully decorated. It had the most beautiful furniture, & fireplace I had ever seen. In the midst of all of this, is a man standing, dressed in the best military uniform, with all medals and bars attached.

He just stood there by the fireplace, sipping a drink, but never saying a word. I hear her say that this is where I too would end up. I could have anything I needed or wanted including the finest food, furniture, clothes etc. But that I could never leave this room, & I couldn’t have anybody there with me either, ever.

We stood there for a moment together, but then suddenly I was back in my own room again. I layed there, wondering what this all meant, & why that man didn’t speak…it was Soo quiet there.

I knew then, as I do now what she showed me, I just didn’t want to know. I wonder how many of God’s Children have also had prophetic dreams or visions-( is a dream you have wide awake ) or signs from God, & we just didn’t recognize them or believe it.

I would like to hear from you, please when commenting, include your story. May God remind you of a time in your life, He was reaching out to you, in some dream, sign wonder, or miracle.

Thanks, God Bless. 🏖️